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Blvd Market | Montebello, CA.



Hand crafted salvadoran thick corn tortilla stuffed with choices below. (Gluten Free) Add platains or Casamiento for an extra charge.
Revueltas (pork beans cheese), Chicken spinach cheese, Pork and cheese, Beans cheese, Loroco and cheese, Spinach cheese, Pork bean only (dairy free), Bean only (vegan), Vegan revuelta (cashew cheese, soy chicharron, beans), Shrimp spinach and cheese.

Salvadoran Pan con Pollo:

Braised chicken(white meat), lettuce, cucumber,tomato, potato beet salad.
Vegan option available. (contains sesame,pumpkin seeds)

Yuca con Chicharrón:

Fried or Steam cassava, pork belly, tomato sauce, cabbage.
Vegan option available

Platano Plate:

Fried plantains, refried beans, cream.
Vegan option available
(Gluten free)

Platano Empanada:

mashed plantains stuffed with sweet custard or beans(vegan), sugar.
(Gluten free)

Chicken Pastelito:

corn pocket with chicken(white meat), carrots, potatoes
(Gluten free)

Vcho Sliders:

(3 with fries)
Aungus beef, spinach, cheese,mushrooms, curtido, onion strings, chipotle sauce

Loaded Steak Fries:

rib eye steak, chipotle sauce, guacamole sauce, cheese
(Gluten Free)